About Us

Who We Are And What We Do

Delivery Walay offers eight (8) services that can be used by customers:

Ecommerce Pickup and Delivery

Reverse Logistics

Cash On Delivery

Domestic and International couriers

Added Commerce

Demand Generation

Micro warehousing

Market Place

Our Objective

A last mile delivery network covering; 5 Provinces, 960+ Cities, 156+ District & Small Towns, and eventually 60,000+ Villages in Pakistan.

  • Micro logistic service to enable small package commerce,
  • Establish one km delivery areas in urban Pakistan and convenience of last mile pickup in rural Pakistan
  • Link households, SMEs and local artisans to global markets
  • Improved standards of living through job creation and skill training inlogistics & E-commerce
  • Reduce the cost and pass on value in the chain
  • Support to women owned enterprises - empowerment of women
  • Environment friendly – delivery on-foot or cycles only.

We plans to collaborate wiht different like-minded agencies and brands to build a truly inclusive Pakistan by promoting Brown box commerce with a 360 degree approach which is only complete by enabling cash management for the business on a same day basis.